Unfinished Designs: Comp Sets


When I begin to work with a new client, I ask questions in order to thoroughly understand their project.

I brainstorm with the information they provide as well as the information I have acquired over the years about their:

• product demographics

• what sells and what doesn't


I consider:

• typography

• amount of content

• color selection

• readability



I typically submit multiple comps with various directions. By providing multiple directions, through feedback, I quickly understand what direction(s) the client likes and dislikes.


I have included some samples below.

• label/package construction

• ease of understanding the product and its use

• the price point

• shelf presence

Label Ideas

Final Labels

Here, the client wanted many ideas, they weren't sure what they wanted. After seeing the many variations, it was easy for them. They selected the second down on the very right column.

Original Quick Sketch while

talking to the client

Final Label

Examples of logo variations. The client loved the girl and the boat. They asked for a variety of backgrounds. The final choice is on the far right.